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Google Tries To Woo More Developers For Glass

Google is inviting many more "Explorers" to buy its developer-level Glass device.

Google Tries To Woo More Developers For Glass

[Image: Flickr user Ted Eytan]

Google is apparently widening the sales effort for its developer-level Glass headset and is inviting more potential developers, or "Explorers," as it calls them, to buy the device.

Up until now, Google's smart headset has only been available to a very limited number of developers (although recently the company did allow existing owners to invite some friends to buy an edition for themselves), but now the company is sending email invites with purchase codes to more of the many developers who have signed up to buy Glass. Google is explicit in stating it's an invitation to buy Glass, download the Glass Developer Kit "sneak peek" and then build "new and innovative kinds of Glassware."

Google is keen to rapidly expand the number of developers who are writing code for Glass so that when the device launches to the public, an event that now seems to be sooner rather than later, there will be many apps to tempt the public into buying the device. But there's no word on whether Google is reversing its policy of not allowing users outside of the United States to buy Glass, and the new move requires coders to buy Glass for $1,500. That's because they cannot develop code without the hardware, since the GDK has no emulator.