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Twitter Makes It Easier for Alcohol Brands to Verify the Age of Their Followers

The new age-gate doesn't require Twitter users to leave the site or app.

[Top image: Flickr user Johnathan Nightingale]

Twitter is home to both underaged kids and alcohol brands. To keep the two groups separate, Twitter has implemented a new age-verification process that doesn't require users to leave the site or app.

Previously, Twitter had brands with age-sensitive content send new followers a direct message with an external link to ensure (at least in theory) that followers were at least 21 years old. The new process screens users by asking them to provide their age on the platform—the honor system comes into play here. After a user has gone through this process, Twitter says it will remember if the account has met the age requirement, but it will not store the birth date itself. This streamlining will no doubt make Twitter a more enticing marketing platform for brands targeting adults.

Inline image: Twitter
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