• 11.26.13

See Marge Simpson As The World’s Most Famous Fashion Icons

Artist AleXsandro Palombo recreated some of the most iconic fashion poses of all time with Marge Simpson. Somewhere, Homer is drooling.

One illustrator recently decided to draw his favorite pop culture figures as Simpsons characters. Now, another artist is taking the opposite approach, and making one member of Springfield’s favorite family assume the images of other familiar folks.


Artist AleXsandro Palombo recently created a portfolio for Vogue UK in which Marge Simpson once is the featured model (she appeared in Playboy in 2009). She’s not just decked out in typical high-end looks, however; she’s modeling both the dresses and poses made famous by some of the more sartorially savvy women of the last century. From Coco Chanel’s tweed suits to Madonna’s oft-parodied conical (canonical?) bra, Marge sheds her matriarchal image for a trip through fashion history.

No word yet on how Homer feels about some of the more salacious poses, but considering his own history with sexy boudoir photos, we’re betting he’s fine with it.

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