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12,000 Places Where You Can Spend Your Bounty of Bitcoins

BitPay has compiled a list of more than 12,000 businesses and charities that accept Bitcoin using its electronic payment processing system.

[Image: Flickr user Antana]

Fess up, are you the anonymous entity who now holds $147 million in Bitcoin? What's the point of being a newly minted Bitcoin millionaire if you can't spend your bounty, right? In time for Black Friday, BitPay has compiled a directory with more than 12,000 businesses and charities that accept Bitcoin using its service, a PayPal-like electronic payment processing system for Bitcoin.

"We are often asked where to spend Bitcoins and this global directory allows Bitcoin merchants around the world to get discovered," says BitPay cofounder and CEO Tony Gallippi in a statement. "With this service we will be linking over 5 million Bitcoin users with merchants and we will continue adding more merchants."

To promote Bitcoin Black Friday, BitPay will feature the one-day sales of featured merchants on its directory. Vendors include those selling VPN, hosting, and other web services, but span into organic foods, coffee shops, and e-cigarettes. The directory also includes a travel and tourism section, helping Bitcoin enthusiasts plan vacations and find local merchants that accept Bitcoin.

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