• 11.25.13

Watch The Hilarious James Franco And Seth Rogen Spoof Of Kanye West’s Inexplicable “Bound 2”

Some things are hard to parody. Rogen and Franco rise to the challenge with this shot for shot remake.

Not much to say here except that this shot-for-shot re-creation of Kanye’s “Bound 2” video– which debuted last week on Ellen–is amazing and ALMOST funnier than the original.


Here, the two movie stars take a break from The Interview to take on the roles of Yeezus and Kim Kardashian on their epic motorcycle ride through a landscape inspired by what appears to be peyote and doctor’s office motivational posters. If you ever get nervous watching Homefront next week, just think of Franco’s villain riding the bike with Rogen.

And hey, another plus, they’re not selling anything with this spoof so probably won’t get sued or counter-sue over this masterpiece.

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