Celebrities Give Waze Users Driving Directions

Waze and Universal Pictures are partnering to bring celebrity narrators to the popular GPS navigation app. We’re waiting for Morgan Freeman.

Celebrities Give Waze Users Driving Directions
[Image: Flickr user Viernest]

It sucks to get lost while driving, which is why millions of drivers use GPS apps like the Google-owned Waze to help them find their way.

In an act of creative branding, Waze has partnered with Universal Pictures to have celebrities narrate directions in its popular navigation app, starting with Real Husbands Of Hollywood star Kevin Hart.

But be warned: Hart is no Susan Bennett, the voice-over artist behind Apple’s Siri. Where Bennett’s calm, cool voice can ease the anxiety induced by one too many wrong turns, Hart’s panicked voice admonishing you to avoid that upcoming deer might be the opposite of relaxing. It’s likely Waze will introduce more celebrity narrators timed to specific promotions–Hart, for example, is promoting his upcoming film, Ride Along, which is out in January. Should Morgan Freeman’s honeyed tones ever come to Waze, we’re pretty sure we’ll get lost on purpose.

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