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Line App Proves Instant Messaging Is Hot Stuff With Huge User Growth

Line has added 100 million registered users in the brief interval since July.

[Image: Flickr user Uncalno Tekno]

Line is one of many instant messaging apps with skyrocketing popularity. But it seems to be growing especially fast. It now has over 300 million registered accounts, up from 200 million accounts on July 21st.

While we don't know how many of the people who registered for new accounts are actually sticking around to use the app, signing up what amounts to 750,000 new users every day since July is impressive by any measure.

Line is used mostly in Asia, with 80% of its users apparently in Japan, but this is likely to change if it continues growing at this rate. Instant messaging, like music streaming, is one of the biggest growth areas in digital tech right now. Instagram is rumored to be planning an expansion into IMs, and Twitter seems to have been experimenting with a messaging-like structure earlier this year. All of this may be bad news for BlackBerry's rival BBM service, of course.