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Philadelphia Is The First City To Ban 3-D-Printed Guns

The preemptive measure is "just based on Internet stuff out there," said someone connected to the bill.

[Image: Flickr user noii's]

3-D-printed guns have been outlawed in Philadelphia.

The city council, which passed the proposal last Thursday with a unanimous vote, admitted that it was a preemptive measure; There are no 3-D-printing factories building weapons in the city, nor have the police discovered any. "It's just based on Internet stuff out there," said the bill author's director of legislation, Steve Cobb. Some of this "Internet stuff" however, has led to erroneous raids by the police, most notably in the British city of Manchester a few weeks back.

The first plastic 3-D-printed gun was printed and fired earlier this year, and earlier this month, a metal version was created using a more sophisticated method, known as laser sintering.

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