21 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This Week

Fast Company reporter Neal Ungerleider shares some tweets from the wittiest and most thought-provoking people he came across on Twitter this week.

21 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This Week

This week’s news cycle has been dominated by the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, continuing problems with Obamacare websites across the nation, and ongoing strife in Syria. It’s cheerful stuff! But in the meantime, at least there’s the PlayStation vs. Xbox war to keep tabs on… and on that note, here are some of the most thought-y (is that a word, Mr. Colbert?) tweets I encountered this week. Some are current-events oriented, others are a bit more free-floating, but they’re all smart. And good. With, in some cases, funny pictures.


Christopher Sogohian of the ACLU remembered, amid the continuing fallout from the NSA’s monitoring of American Internet traffic, that web surveillance–and tech giants collaborating with the NSA–has been going on for years.

Across the world, journalist Pedro da Costa caught this slice of human life at the European Parliament:

Science writer Ed Yong then did the most nerd-riffic tribute ever to the late scientist Fred Sanger:

Comedian Hannibal Buress, meanwhile, added wit to health care:

New York Magazine book critic Kathryn Schulz then discovered the email auto-response we all secretly want:

Meanwhile, Joy Reid of the Grio looked at George Zimmerman’s latest felony charge.


And MSNBC’s Irin Carmon got all meta about Zimmerman:

In These Times writer Sady Doyle, meanwhile, tackled the thing everyone truly worries about: Clowns.

Rafat Ali of travel site Skift, with a single sceencap, captured the existential angst of business travel:

On a poignant note, New York City chief digital officer Rachel Haot posted this family connection to the JFK assassination:

And startup founder Garrett Murray took a moment to think about the Zaprauder film:

Newly minted television host Derrick Ashong explained how to befuddle immigration officials:


Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the country’s Loya Jirga (grand council) convened, and Twitter picked up some amazing

Across the world, Al Jazeera’s Latoya Peterson out-phableted the phablet:

New York journalist Amanda Marcotte stepped in to offer an alternate take on the Twitterati’s discussion of selfies:

Author Elif Batuman put the world’s most highbrow funny animal picture on Twitter:

Techie Anil Dash found a small-but-important change in Google’s design:

AOL discontinued beloved music player Winamp this week. Austin developer Adam Keys celebrated in the only appropriate way… with a llama joke.


And Digg’s David Weiner noted how everyone seems to be handling the theft of hundreds of thousands of Adobe passwords well… except for Adobe.

Circa’s Daniel Bentley then used Twitter to talk truth about Reddit.

Jess Silver Greenberg of the New York Times posted this incredible picture from the Times offices:

And on a more serious note, the AFP’s Prashant Rao bought some sad news from Iraq that is, depressingly, only getting worse.