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France's Deezer Finally To Join The U.S. Streaming Music Party

Another player is going to be competing to stream your music soon.

[Image: Flickr user C.P.Storm]

Music streamer Deezer has 5 million paid subscribers in 180 nations, but until now it has not been accessible in the U.S. The service has said it will arrive in the U.S. sometime next year.

Lest you think Deezer hasn't got a chance at winning favor in what's fast becoming a crowded market, it's worth noting that Spotify, which has 6 million paid users around the world and is perhaps the best known music-streaming service, launched first in the U.K. before sweeping westward over the ocean.

Apple's iTunes Radio is still a limited availability service, only being available to U.S. users, and for now the uptake of the service hasn't been perhaps what Apple wanted—although some still expect iTunes Radio to follow Apple's pattern of "show[ing] up late to the party and then crush[ing] everything."

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