Instagram Users Can Now Turn Their Nashville-Infused Pics Into Business Cards

Instagram-printing company Printstagram has just added another product to its lineup: business cards. The cards, which measure 2 and 3/8 of an inch square, can be ordered in packs of either 60 or 100 and cost $20 or $25, respectively. They look a lot like the popular business cards made by Moo, but square, rather than gum-shaped.

Were the new cards a plan to muscle in on’s business? Printstagram’s Benjamin Lotan says he does not look at its new product as a foray into the world of business cards, but rather as an innovation in photographic printing. “We like to think about this more from the photo printing side,” he tells Fast Company. “What do people want on the back of their photos, versus what do people want on the back of their business cards? It’s a subtle difference, but the results of posing the question this way will be interesting, especially given the massive growth of mobile photography and photo-sharing. With more people taking photos, there will be more people exploring what they can do with them.”

The cards aren’t just for business–think Save the Date cards, or pint-sized invitations. Printing Instagram photos to use as cards takes them from digital social sharing and puts them to use in one of the most common forms of physical sharing. And that, for those of us with a healthy Instagram habit, can only be a good thing.

Instagram itself has no “Print” button, but if it did, it might make the firm around a quarter of a billion in annual revenue, according to some estimates.AD