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Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $290 Million

A federal jury ruled that Samsung should pay Apple $290 million as compensation for patent infringement.

Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $290 Million

[Image: Flickr user Janitors]

The high-profile, messy, and tech geek-tastic Apple vs. Samsung trial has ended with a California court ordering Samsung to pay Apple $290 million. Samsung, one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2013, and Apple have been in a series of court battles around the world, with Apple alleging that Samsung (and, by extension, Android) illegally infringed on the iPhone's intellectual property. In March, another trial is expected over allegations that current Samsung phones and tablets infringe on the iPhone and iPad.

The $290 million award is a piece of good bad news for Samsung; the Korean electronics multinational was originally hit with a $1 billion penalty. Both Apple and Samsung have been aggressive in court, and the case often appeared to be less about intellectual property than about damaging the market standing of either iPhones or Android products.