Sanctri Is Like A Facebook Cemetery

A new app for Facebook offers a separate arena for mourners to grieve for lost loved ones.

Sanctri Is Like A Facebook Cemetery

Oftentimes, when a Facebook user has died, the social network doesn’t pull down their profile page. In fact, many family members prefer to leave the profiles up so they may be used as a place to post photos, testimonials, and otherwise mourn.

Jono Milner, Kathy Eldon, and Dianne Gray believe these profiles should be in a completely separate sphere, outside of your newsfeed and timeline. They wanted to keep tributes to the dead away from “photos from last night’s party.” So they created Sanctri.

Sanctri is a little bit like a Facebook graveyard. The app offers users the ability to create social memories for loved ones or pledge donations to charities honoring them. The venture is not-for-profit, and users can specify their privacy controls. Will the app resonate with the public?

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Jenna Kagel went from teaching English to professionals in Argentina to working for public radio in LA and is now sleuthing creativity in NYC.