These Kentucky Candles Will Make Your House Smell Like Fried Chicken

What qualifies to enter the pantheon of amazing household smells is subjective. Some people would put freshly-baked cookies at the top of the list. Others go for apple pie or a summer breeze passing through the window. If Febreze flavors are any indication, some of us want our house to smell like linen and sky, or warm milk and honey.

Now a group tasked with developing a viable brand and tagline for the Commonwealth of Kentucky has introduced a few new possibilities. Kentucky for Kentucky has created scented candles for people to bring the sweet smells of that fair state into their own homes. The three scents are Ale 8 soda, fried chicken, and a Kentucky Derby mint julep.

Kathy Werking made the fried chicken candle by taking a cast-iron skillet and frying chicken in all-natural soy wax, then adding an infusion of “family secrets.”

This is either the greatest candle or the biggest fried chicken tease ever made. Probably both. The only Kentucky heritage smell missing is moonshine. But you can make up for that by just opening up a bottle of rubbing alcohol and putting it on your bookshelf.

If you want some of this crispy candle goodness you need to act quick. There are only 25 candles of each scent available, starting at 10:30 a.m. on November 22 at the Kentucky for Kentucky web store.JB