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HBO Go Now Streams To Google's Chromecast

Broadwalk Empire, Girls, and Game Of Thrones are finally all cast-friendly.

[Image: Flickr user Maria Morri]

Google's Chromecast dongle was hobbled at launch somewhat by a lack of options to stream from. It supported just YouTube, Netflix, and music from Google Play initially. Later, Pandora and Hulu Plus were added to the lineup.

Starting today, you can stream your favorite episodes of Broadwalk Empire, Girls, and Game Of Thrones to Chromecast from the HBO Go mobile apps and website.

The ability to stream HBO Go brings the $35 device another step closer to competing against high-priced rivals like Roku and Apple TV, both of which can already stream HBO Go. What the Chromecast still doesn't do, however, is stream content stored on your smartphone or your laptop.

Once that happens, expect the little dongle to leave everything else in the dust.