With Place Pins, Pinterest Stakes A Claim In The Travel Market

New to Pinterest: Place Pins. Ben Silbermann, the firm’s CEO, unveiled the feature, which allows users to create either their own boards to show their upcoming travel plans, or to collaborate with friends’ other maps. Geographical data will be added to all new and existing pins, and trips will be visualized on a map.

The firm has also collaborated with tourist boards, hotel chains, travel bloggers and even Airbnb to get geographical with their boards.

The move will help Pinterest, now valued at $3.8 billion, make money in a new sector. Research from earlier this week shows that the value of a single pin is worth more than a tweet, and has 100 times more chance of going viral than a bon mot posted on Twitter.

The tool, available on iOS and Android, was created using Foursquare, Mapbox, and Stamen.AD