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Google Tries To Win Mobile Payments... With An Old-Fashioned Debit Card

The long-rumored Google Wallet Card is open for orders.

Google Tries To Win Mobile Payments... With An Old-Fashioned Debit Card

[Image: Flickr user Steve Mays]

The Internet's still buzzing about last week's launch of Coin, a digital credit card that could replace all the other cards in your wallet. Trying to show it's still relevant in mobile payments among the Coins and Squares of the world, Google has finally opened up orders to its long-fabled Google Wallet Card, a physical card for its mobile payments product.

Google Wallet Card is a prepaid debit card that lets users withdraw or spend their account balance at ATMs and stores, just like any other MasterCard debit card. The search giant says there will be no fees to activate or use Google Wallet Card, and people can also send money to other users instantly, giving it an edge over Square Cash, which can take one to two days to deposit. Users are asked to verify their identity when requesting a card, which should arrive within 10 to 12 days of ordering.

This news comes as a contrast to a Fast Company story published today about the failures of Google Wallet. Despite Google's ubiquity in mobile, the creators of Google Wallet say the product languished because of slow carrier adoption, with Sprint as the only major U.S. carrier to support the service.