This Odd Brand Experiment Explodes Some Of Our Biggest Gum-Chewing Myths

Would you go into a job interview chewing gum? Or pick up a date? Or even apply for a bank loan? If we go by current societal norms, the answer for many would be an easy “No.” Adult gum-chewers are often portrayed as either wise-ass diner employees or slack-jawed mouth breathers who sully the undersides of desks and tables everywhere.

But now Beldent Gum in Argentina has challenged this notion with an experiment at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires. With agency Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, the brand put on “Almost Identical,” an art installation that took pairs of identical twins to sit silently–with one chewing gum–and asked museum guests a set of questions about them.

“Which one seems like he has more friends?”

“Which one of these bosses would give you a raise?”

“Which one has a better sex life?”

The answers came back 73% in favor of the gum-chewing twin. Scientific? No. But it may convince you to bring along another little something to that important meeting at work.JB