10 Of The Most Popular IFTTT Recipes For Google Glass

With IFTTT integration in Google Glass, your connected life gets more connected.

10 Of The Most Popular IFTTT Recipes For Google Glass
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Since explorers first got their hands on Google Glass, a number of unique use cases have popped up, including eye exams and emergency personnel communication. One new integration will further open the realm of possibilities for Google Glass: IFTTT.


Short for If This Then That, the San Francisco startup has become a key player in the Internet of Things movement. The latest addition of a Google Glass channel enables owners of the head-mounted display to get notifications on their face the moment an event happens. We took a peek at the Google Glass recipes out there and found 10 popular ones (as well as a few bonuses) to highlight.

Stay ahead of the rain

Rain tomorrow? IFTTT’s most popular Glass recipe will let you know in advance.

Weather report

Similarly, this recipe will give you tomorrow’s forecast at sunset each day.


Track shipments

One of the most useful recipes using Glass, this one lets you know when the shipping status for a package you’re expecting has changed.

Tags on Facebook

Wondering when your friend will post last weekend’s party pics on Facebook? Get notified instantly on your face.

iOS reminders

Wish Google and iOS played better together? This recipe sends Glass iOS reminder notifications.


Calendar reminders

Glass will give you a 15-minute heads-up before your next meeting.

NASA Instagram photos

Know the moment NASA uploads a photo to Instagram. (You can also create recipes for specific Instagrammers.)

Read Pocket stories

Saved stories on Pocket can automatically be sent to Glass.


Feedly updates

Be in the know. This recipe tells you when there’s a new article on Feedly.

Reddit mentions

Keep up on what online trolls are saying about you with Glass notifications.

Here are a few other recipes that haven’t received a lot of traction yet but are worth checking out:


International Space Station

Are you a subscriber to the ISS’s Spot the Station email alerts that let you know when the International Space Station–the third brightest object in the sky–is within sight? If the alert’s coming straight to your face, you can’t help but look for it.

Senate votes

Political junkie? Get updates on Glass whenever a vote goes through the Senate.

Time to work out

Jawbone Up knows all, including when you haven’t worked out. This recipe will have Up nagging at you if you haven’t hit the gym in x number of days.


Apartment hunting

Who has time to sleuth through all those Craigslist listings? Set it and forget it with this recipe, which will send updates to Glass.

BuzzFeed post goes viral

You’ve become the person everyone turns to for the latest and greatest GIFs. This recipe will help you identify the winners on BuzzFeed.


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