Iconic Films Get Their Names Upworthy-ed Into Feel-Good Viral Clickbait

Funny or Die has taken Upworthy satire to a new level by translating iconic movie posters into Upworthese. Unlike many of Upworthy’s progressive causes, it’s unlikely that movies like “Jaws” need any extra help in attracting attention, but here’s to another lesson in learning the language of Internet virality.

In September, fast-growing, feel-good sharing site Upworthy raised some $8 million in funding, followed by an additional $4 million from angel investors in October. Online media might want to take note of how the site went from 2.5 million unique shares to 6 million by September: Last month, we honored Upworthy’s irresistible, clickbait-y headlines by putting them in a quiz against its parody Twitter account @UpWorthIt’s tweets, “Can You Tell Which of These Upworthy Headlines is Fake?” Now, Funny or Die has taken movies like Schindler’s List and given them the Upworthy treatment.

Some might fall short of an Upworthy editor’s praise, but Gravity should probably win a Webby.

For what it’s worth, Upworthy editor Adam Mordecai has taken a proactive approach to those mocking (but also clearly enjoying) his website. He often offers advice to the @UpWorthIt account, and gave notes to the Funny or Die staff on their posters.

His answer to making Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark appealing to a wide, non-archeological audience? (Forget the Spielberg part, for a second.) “How A Science Dude Took Protecting God Into His Own Hands.”