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Leap Motion's "Free Form" App Lets You Sculpt In Mid-Air

Bend, squish, and translate your gestures into 3-D printed objects. It's like digital Play-Doh.

Leap Motion's "Free Form" App Lets You Sculpt In Mid-Air

[Image: Leap Motion]

Today the creators of Leap Motion, the space-age hover controller for your laptop, unveiled Free Form, a free desktop application that lets you sculpt objects in midair, like some kind of magic 3-D Play-Doh.

Designs created this way will be printable on a 3-D printer. We also got a tease of the next generation of the software, which will be even more precise in its gesture tracking and sensing. It will be able to understand the engineering of the human hand to detect motions like a "pinch," for example.

Motion tracking and 3-D printing are two of the biggest trends in technology. Can combining them take the Leap Motion from curiosity to must-have?