Apple’s IBeacon Comes To Macy’s: Is This The Future Of Shopping?

iBeacon is an innovation from Apple that lets stores communicate with shoppers who pass through their doors through the iOS 7 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch operating system. Now, ShopBeacon from Shopkick is the first major retailer deployment of the iBeacon technology, and if you want to experience it, head to Macy’s.

Shoppers who allow Shopkick to work automatically when passing an iBeacon will get a special alert on their phone over a secure encrypted connection, rewarding them with points for entering the store, and tempting them to make purchases with discounts.

Stores like Macy’s will love this technology because it goes far beyond mere loyalty cards. It can actually direct shoppers to specific parts of the store, and could even play a part in simplified contactless payments. Consumers will like ShopBeacon, too, as it’s easier than loyalty cards, could speed up shopping time, and can be used as a reminder to check out certain items of interest a shopper originally spotted online.

In other words, this could be the future of shopping. Apple itself has recently beefed up its plans to use iBeacons in its own retail stores.