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Lytro Gets $40 Million To Expand Its Amazing Camera Tech To More Gadgets

As shrewd observers expected, Lytro's amazing "no focus" tech is going to be used in more than just fancy cameras.

[Image: Flickr user Lai Ryanne]

Lytro's "light field" optical technology and compact camera can pull off amazing tricks. The camera can shoot without focusing, and your photos can even be printed with 3-D effects. Today the company has landed a $40 million investment round to expand its tech into many more gadgets and applications.

Lytro's new cash comes from North Bridge Ventures, which probably senses the technology has a wide application and could earn some serious revenue. According to Mashable, the company declines to say how many of its flagship cameras it's actually sold, but its CEO says the figure is 20% more than had been originally expected.

Aside form having the potential to change the way smartphone and video cameras work, Lytro's imaging system could have powerful uses in medical and industrial imaging, where time, efficiency, and safety constraints can limit conventional photography.

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