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Meet The iPhone Gaming Controller That's Bad News For Nintendo

Logitech's new gadget turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a gaming controller.

Meet The iPhone Gaming Controller That's Bad News For Nintendo

[Image: Logitech]

Gaming companies like Nintendo can't be too excited about Logitech's latest gadget. Called the Powershell, the plug-in turns iPhones and iPod Touches into portable games machines with traditional gaming controls.

The Powershell is Logitech's first ever iOS 7-compatible games controller. It adds shoulder "fire" button and a traditional D-pad to the iPhone, as well as other control buttons on its top. It also has a big rechargeable battery inside so it can keep an iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (later generation) topped up while you play. Yesterday Moga released the Ace Power, a similar add-on that lacks the recharging capability of the Powershell but includes analog thumbsticks for an even more games console-like playing experience. Both retail for $100.

Apple introduced special games controller powers with iOS 7, and casual games on smartphones and tablets are so popular (need we say Angry Birds or Candy Crush?) that they are credited with dealing the portable games console industry a serious blow.

Even with this smartphone-gaming boom, however, some games work best with physical controls instead of touchscreens. Hence Logitech's and Moga's new products, which will certainly be slipped into countless teenager's seasonal stockings in a few weeks' time.