Creative Braintrust Roundup: Travel Accessories

The Creative Braintrust Experts Weigh In On What Their Favorite Travel Accessories Are.

Creative Braintrust Roundup: Travel Accessories

What is your favorite travel accessory? Do you think it will become obsolete or replaced in the future? If so, by what?

RUZWANA BASHIR: My iPhone. I’m constantly using it, whether I’m sending work emails, browsing the web, listening to music or reading a book. I think we’ve already seen how this technology is evolving with Google Glass and Pebble watches, so that the functionality smartphones offer is more easily accessible with wearable items.

FARIS YAKOB: My worldwide power adapter with 2 USB ports alongside the primary socket. I guess it will only become obsolete when we finally crack that wireless power thing…

LAUREN GROPPER: I love noise canceling headphones and also portable solar chargers. Headphones will probably be replaced by some other nano type implant I imagine and I’m hoping the future of smartphones is a new kind of battery that can somehow be charged wirelessly or a smartphone that somehow operates battery-free!

JAMIE WONG: My iPhone. And yes, at some point, undoubtedly it will be replaced by a microchip in my brain.

MICAH SPEAR: Traveling with music might be my favorite. While the physical accessory has changed for me from CD (player) -> Mp3 (iPod) -> Spotify Offline Playlist (iPhone), I don’t see it going anywhere.. I’m Apple all the way.

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