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Creative BrainTrust

Creative Braintrust Roundup: Travel Accessories

The Creative Braintrust Experts Weigh In On What Their Favorite Travel Accessories Are.

What is your favorite travel accessory? Do you think it will become obsolete or replaced in the future? If so, by what?

RUZWANA BASHIR: My iPhone. I'm constantly using it, whether I'm sending work emails, browsing the web, listening to music or reading a book. I think we’ve already seen how this technology is evolving with Google Glass and Pebble watches, so that the functionality smartphones offer is more easily accessible with wearable items.

FARIS YAKOB: My worldwide power adapter with 2 USB ports alongside the primary socket. I guess it will only become obsolete when we finally crack that wireless power thing...

LAUREN GROPPER: I love noise canceling headphones and also portable solar chargers. Headphones will probably be replaced by some other nano type implant I imagine and I'm hoping the future of smartphones is a new kind of battery that can somehow be charged wirelessly or a smartphone that somehow operates battery-free!

JAMIE WONG: My iPhone. And yes, at some point, undoubtedly it will be replaced by a microchip in my brain.

MICAH SPEAR: Traveling with music might be my favorite. While the physical accessory has changed for me from CD (player) -> Mp3 (iPod) -> Spotify Offline Playlist (iPhone), I don't see it going anywhere.. I'm Apple all the way.

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