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Embracing A Dynamic Life In Times Of Constant Change

If you're forced to change careers what will you do? Olympic Alpine skier Kaylin Richardson shares her advice for embracing the unpredictable path life takes.

Changing careers can be a frightening experience.

Olympic Alpine skier Kaylin Richardson retired from the United States Ski Team and professional skiing in 2010 at the age of only 25. Richardson had dedicated her entire life to that point to skiing, and suddenly, her life would have to move in a different direction.

"When the time comes to move on it's kind of scary," she says. "I looked at it as an exciting adventure. A lot of athletes, they kind of mourn when they retire."

Richardson, however, would not dwell on the past. Since retiring she's made a foray into the world of broadcasting and serves as ambassador for the largest ski area in Utah.

"Even if it's the wrong direction, it's still progress," she says.

Kaylin Richardson

Will it last? Who knows—and in Richardson's words, that's exactly how life should be.

"I think sometimes people think if you choose one path you are set on that for the rest of your life," she says. "I think that instead of being static and going in one direction, be dynamic and try it all."