Shake Shack CEO: If You’re Hungry For Success, You Need To Be On Your Customer’s Side

Editor’s Note: This story contains one of our 10 Best Business Lessons of 2013. For the full list, click here.

In New York City Shake Shack is a foodie phenomenon.

And like most things bearing the same description, to get your hands on the joint’s tasty hamburgers and milkshakes it will cost you time, more than money.

Randy Garutti, Shake Shack’s CEO, understands this. “Hospitality occurs when you feel like I’m on your side and we try to make every decision so that our guests feel that way,” he says.

Randy Garutti

One of those decisions was the introduction of the “Shack Cam” to Shake Shack’s flagship location in New York’s Madison Square Park. The small camera steams live on the company’s website, alerting the masses to how long of a line (and in turn, wait) they should expect to deal with.

“It became a fun part of our culture and our lore,” Garutti says. “By putting the Shack Cam online that was us trying to be on the side of the guest–not everyone has the time to come and wait in line.”SS