• 11.25.13

Get a First Look at Sundance 2014 Poster Art, And a Look Back At Art From All 30 Festivals

In order to mark the 30th annual film festival, the Sundance team has created postcards featuring the poster art of all the previous festivals. See the world premiere of the 2014 poster here.

When the next annual Sundance Film Festival launches in January 2014, it will mark 30 years of showcasing and championing the work of both independent and established filmmakers. In order to mark the occasion, the Sundance team has put together a box set of postcards featuring all the poster designs promoting the festival over the past 30 years. it’s a visual odyssey that shows how the packaging of the festival evolved along with its prestige factor.


The image above is a first look at the official 2014 poster. It was created by the same crew who put together the last festival’s alphabetic rundown of some of the more successful films that have emerged from Sundance over the years, such as Napoleon Dynamite and Reservoir Dogs. Just as the style and tone of films at the festival have greatly varied, so has the poster art–from the all-flames format of 2007 to the transparent snowflake of 2011.

Have a look at the rest of the postcards in the slides above.

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