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Women Got 60% Of The New Tech Industry Jobs In The Last Year

But the data doesn't say what they were hired to do.

Women Got 60% Of The New Tech Industry Jobs In The Last Year

[Image: Flickr user World Economic Forum]

Being a woman working in a technology company can be, well, lonely. But if recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is anything to go by, it might not be that way for very long. The tech industry added 60,000 jobs over the last year. Sixty percent (36,000) of these went to women. According to the BLS, 70% to 80% of these new jobs have traditionally gone to men.

The caveat here, as CNN points out, is that these statistics don't differentiate between different occupations in the tech sector. In other words, they're being hired, but we don't know what for. It's possible the new female hires are being employed in non-engineering positions, which makes these figures less notable.

The tech industry has long been a male bastion. One in 10 Fortune 500 companies still don't include a single woman on their boards.

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