Is This The Most Epic “I Quit” Email Ever?

If you’re going to burn a few bridges, at least be poetic about it.

Is This The Most Epic “I Quit” Email Ever?
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The Internet is great because it can spark revolutions.


Also: the Internet is great because it can elevate complaining into an art form, the most delightfully invective of which might be the ‘I Quit’ email–especially if it takes the form of a hashtag-laden, Beyonce-ful listicle.

Recently surfaced on Gawker, the missive shows a young woman massively flummoxed by her young career in auditing. So she, who keeps her anonymity in the Gawker post, leaves PricewaterhouseCooper while epically fed up:

I’ve done two audit internships, one at Deloitte and one at PwC. I hated it then but I thought I’d give it a third try. Third time’s a charm right? GTFOH(If you don’t know what it means Google it!) Basically, my time here as an associate has confirmed everything I already knew ten times over. Auditing is a job for people who truly don’t have any other options and don’t know what else they could be doing. You work day in and day out pulling useless documentation and filling out useless workpapers that won’t really benefit anybody. All of it is BS!

While the suitability (and maturity) of such a public and permanent bridgeburning may be called into question, you have to hand it to our correspondent for her acid-tongued calling-it-like-she-sees-it: people get burned out real quick when they don’t have any connection with their jobs and keep slogging away.

Aside from the way she declares her allegiance to Beyonce in the subject line (Farewell and QUEEN BEY ALL DAY!), the best part is the bullet points at the bottom distilling various parts of her displeasure. And, oh yes, the hashtags:

Auditing is for the birds, get a real career that has meaning #dontbeFAKEaboutitbeABOUTit

Or this railing against sponsorship:

Those coach and partner “relationships” or “meetings”….whatever you want to call them….Just stop. #thatishissoawkward #icantdeal #soforced #fakeconvosforfakeauditors #noidontwanttogazeintoyoureyesatatablefortwo #waytoointimateformytaste

Or this corner-office regicide:


Let’s keep it real, partners are treated as if they’re royalty. The reality is, THEY’RE NOT! They are average Joe’s like you and I, only their pockets are a little bigger. So, there is no need to wait at the partner’s feet acting like you’ll do any and everything to please them. For what? No need to come in early just to greet the partner on the job. No need to act like you’re such an overachiever by doing all of these unnecessary things. If you’re an overachiever, be a real one..not a phony. No need to wait until the partner leaves during busy season only to leave 20 minutes later. Your time is just as valuable, are the partners God? I don’t think so…#don’tbeasellout #thepartnerisgoinghometoeathisorherwarmsupper #whileyouarefakeauditng #weallknownooneisproductiveafterabout7pm #gohomeandcuddleupwithyourkids #ohandspousestoo #isntthatwhatthepartnersaredoing? #ohwellsIdigress

The conclusion: while hashtags are awesome, they’re still not quite as charming as an interpretative dance.

Hat tip: Gawker

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