• 11.20.13

Track Your Pet’s Every Move With the Collar Cam

Nature’s Recipe helps gives you a new window into the life of your pet.

If you worry that keeping a record of your own daily existence via social media is a little self-indulgent, perhaps you’d prefer a play-by-play of the life of your pet. Introducing the Collar Cam, a light-weight camera that hooks to the collar of Fido or Whiskers and tracks their every move, through their eyes.


Now, via this project from Nature’s Recipe pet food, you can get up close and personal with that bowl of said pet food (or with the toilet). And you might finally understand why your dog can’t stop sniffing that gnarly patch of sidewalk grass. You can then create an online scrapbook of Collar Cam stills. Enter the “Nature’s Recipe for Moments” contest to win either a free cam or a pet-friendly vacation, or simply check out the promo video. (But be warned: this spot does not inspire much excitement–what’s with the soporific music and voice-over?)

The campaign was developed for Nature’s Recipe by JWT’s Digitaria in San Diego.

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