And The Word Of The Year Is… “Selfie”

Oxford Dictionaries, the famous brand that claims to publish “the world’s most trusted dictionaries” and comes from the undeniably prestigious Oxford University, has named its word of the year for 2013. It’s “selfie.”

Yup. The act of holding one’s phone up at arm’s length to snap a picture of oneself, all the while desperately hoping one’s chin doesn’t look too fat, has spread so far and wide around the world that the custodian of the Queen’s English has rewarded its name with famous status.

Of course, we’ve all taken one or many, and there have been famous selfies, naughty selfies, space selfies, selfies on Mars by space rovers, Miley’s controversial selfies, and Rihanna’s “selfies,” which she uses as a sort of PR push on Instagram, even if it’s not actually her pressing the shutter on many of them. We see the point Oxford Dictionaries is making.

It’s a bit of a shame, though. Maybe it would’ve been nicer if a more wholesome word was representative of 2013. Something like “hobnob” or “transom” or “cogitative.” Still, that’s social media for you.

In honor of the event, here are your favorite Fast Company folk caught in the act!KE