How Much Is A Pinterest Pin Worth? Much More Than A Tweet

How Much Is A Pinterest Pin Worth? Much More Than A Tweet
[Image: Flickr user Matt Davenport]

We know just how much Pinterest has been valued at–$3.8 billion–but how much is a pin on the social media cork board worth to brands?

Social media marketing and analytics firm Piqora thinks it has the answer, after undertaking a nine-month study of more than 1,000 brands on the site. Stats please, Margery.

  • Each pin is worth around 78 cents in sales–that’s a 25% increase from this time a year ago.
  • Each pin drives two site visits and six page views.
  • Each pin is repinned around 10 times.
  • Pins are 100 times more viral than a tweet–the retweet average is only 1.4%.
  • Half of all visits occur three and a half months after an item was first pinned. Therefore, a pin has a much longer shelf life than a tweet, primarily due to how people use Pinterest: They browse.
  • Half of an item’s orders occur after two and a half months of pinning.
  • Brands with rich pin integration see an 82% jump in repin/pin ratio.
  • Orders on Pinterest spike on a Monday.

So, what jumps out at you? It’s probably the fact that a pin is 100 times more viral than a tweet. This is because the two big social networks, Facebook and Twitter, are “primarily feed driven with little or no browsing behavior,” says Piqora’s Sabrina Carrozza. Pinterest, on the other hand, is feed driven for fresh pins and search or navigation driven for older pins. If your pin is popular, that’s how it gets discovered. This isn’t accidental. At Fast Company‘s Innovation Uncensored conference in San Francisco, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said, “We work really hard to make the site feel really simple, but behind the interface are tens of billions of objects, linked by real people who have similar interests and aspirations.”AD