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Cute Or Creepy? This Website Lets You Perform Feel-Good Acts Of Kindness For Strangers posts one personal favor a week that anyone on the web can help fulfill.

[Image: Flickr user Liz Grace]

If you know where to look, the Internet is rife with examples of the kindness of strangers who take on favors big and small with no expectation of something in return.

Fulfilling small favors for strangers is the exact premise of, a small website that posts a single, user-submitted favor each week.

"My goal with this website is simply to do small things for those who are in need of a personal favor," writes creator Mike Carson.

Carson posted the site's first favor:

He also posted the project to the techie forum Hacker News, where it's been met with a generally positive response. "This is a simple idea with big potential. You get to be a superhero to a few people, and that's good for everyone," writes Hacker News user sejje.

But some commenters are wary of the fact that Carson includes what appears to be a home address in his favor, questioning what some Internet users could do with access to such personal information. User tsheng writes: "Had a brief 'aww' wash over me that quickly turned into 'but what if...oh no...'"

Is soliciting a personal favor from strangers on the Internet cute or creepy? Tell us in the comments.