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LoveRoom: The Social Network For Sleeping With Strangers

LoveRoom invites users to seek out a room from another user—for free. The catch: You spend the night together.

LoveRoom: The Social Network For Sleeping With Strangers

[Image via LoveRoom]

The website LoveRoom officially launched its beta version today and as of this post's timestamp, has so far a grand total of 41 members. The site is advertising itself as "a platform where single people from all around the world can rent their living space to others they find attractive"—for free. They also claim that LoveRoom is the new way to find your soulmate. In this case, it seems "soulmate" is a euphemism for "come on over and spend the night with me—but only if you're good-looking."

Worried about sharing your room with a stranger? The founders have posted safety tips on "how to avoid creeps—and other wacked situations." The six pieces of advice include the blatantly obvious, like suggesting you research your potential roommate by Googling them, as well as the suggestion that you bring a friend with you to help ensure losers won't misbehave.

When you join LoveRoom, similar to OkCupid, you are prompted to answer questions about yourself—in this case, questions like "Tub or shower?" and "Carpet or hardwood?" so that other members can determine if they would like to share a room with you. Users can also upload photos, add friends, and send private messages. Like Airbnb, LoveRoom offer the option of choosing between a "private room," "shared room," or "entire room/apartment."

The founder is Josh Bocanegra, who came up with the idea for the site last month. He spoke with Forbes amid Internet hoopla surrounding the website a few weeks ago, before it had even launched. While the website is still in beta, Bocanegra said "The actual app, I'm not sure of yet. We're still looking for developers. Hopefully, we'll have it out by Valentine's Day."

In the meantime: Sign up at your own risk.