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Following Twitter Complaints, McDonald's Is Adding A Third Drive-Thru Window

The fast-food chain will start adding an extra window to locations next year.

[Image: Flickr via user Muhammad Ashiq]

Fast food is supposed to be fast. Apparently, the McDonald's drive-thru wasn't fast enough, and disgruntled customers were taking to Twitter with their complaints. So now, McDonald's is adding a third window to speed things up a bit. There, are you happy?

The "Fast Forward Drive-Thru" will start appearing at McDonald's restaurants next year. Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman speaking on behalf of the company, tells Bloomberg the improvement will enable "customers to pull forward to receive orders at a third window when their order is not yet ready." The process then frees up another window, so customers whose orders are ready can get it and go.

It takes approximately 189 seconds to get through the McDonald's drive-thru, Bloomberg notes. That's longer than the wait at both Taco Bell and Wendy's, and customers aren't happy about it:

Considering that a staggering 70% of McDonald's sales come from the drive-thru, the new window is the company's attempt at ensuring swifter and more efficient transactions.

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