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Another Day, Another Round Of Layoffs At Fab

The troubled e-commerce company has reportedly let go of more than 80 employees this time, including some veteran executives.

Another Day, Another Round Of Layoffs At Fab

[Image: Flickr user Rick Harris]

Another day, another round of Fab layoffs: More than 80 employees, including top-level execs, were reportedly targeted in a fresh new round of firings yesterday, as the e-commerce company's corporate restructuring continues. The axed employees join outgoing COO Beth Ferreira, who earlier this week was reportedly fired, and cofounder and chief design officer Bradford Shellhammer, who recently announced he would step back from day-to-day operations at the company.

Among the executives affected in this round were several veterans of the young e-commerce company, including chief product officer David Paltiel. Matt Baer, who oversaw the rollout of Designed By You, the company's recent expansion into custom furniture making, is also out.

CEO Jason Goldberg recently sent an internal memo to a select group of Fab executives who will be tasked with "refounding" the company as it seeks profitability in 2014: "We will recast Fab as the brand that is famous for the exclusive designs we make and bring to market." None of the employees affected by yesterday's layoffs were included in the memo.