A Musical About Embattled Mayor Rob Ford Is On the Way–With Your Help

A Musical About Embattled Mayor Rob Ford Is On the Way–With Your Help
[Base Image: Flickr user Cody Castro]

Political news can be hard to process. The more artistically inclined among us, though, sometimes channel their reactions into creative works. While there has certainly been a glut of current events-themed movies of late, another way to make sense of these readymade narratives is with a musical, as two Toronto natives are setting out to do right now.

Image: Flickr user Steven Duong

Musician Bernard Maieaaz and writer Donna Lypchuk are working together to make “Rob Ford!! The Musical!” The two have taken to IndieGoGo to raise funds for writing and directing a traditional five-act production entirely in rhyme, chronicling the very public misadventures of alleged crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Although this musical will certainly be mocking in nature, it will also be something approximating a poignant tribute to the man this duo calls “ultimate Canadian hoser anti-hero of strip mall suburbia whose story is almost as mythic in proportion to his girth.”

Maieaaz and Lypchuk are asking for $42,500 so they can spend three months on fully composing and completing the musical, as well as hiring singers and actors to help them refine and record it. Songs like “Ford Nation Sensation,” “Etobicoke Strip Mall Metal,” and “Drug Lord Swan Song” may potentially be coming to a stage near you in March of 2014 if enough people donate over the next three weeks.

For now, you may listen to the instrumental snippet and written lyrics Maieaaz and Lypchuk provided below:

“Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!
Why won’t you answer back!
Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!
Is it true that you do crack?”JB