The Recommender: Miles Kohrman, The Cat-Juggling Intern

The three best things Fast Company‘s Leadership intern found on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Miles Kohrman, The Cat-Juggling Intern
[Image: Flickr user Kevin Dooley]

Name: Miles Kohrman
Role at Fast Company: Intern, Leadership
Twitter: @mileskohrman
Titillating fact: Miles made his New York Times debut in the compelling article “Cats at the Bodega, Just Doing Their Job.” And, based on this photo, he hasn’t lost his cat-juggling skills just yet.


Things he’s loving:

1. “The Half-time Hero” (and the rise of long-form soccer journalism, in general)
The world’s game has finally landed in America and, no, Major League Soccer wasn’t just a fad.

After years of pain and uncertainty, millions of American soccer fans have been rescued from the treacherous seas of poor quality (and illegal) Internet streams and can finally, finally watch their favorite English Premier League teams play on live television; in New York City (where even the taxi cabs are getting excited) we’re awaiting the arrival of our second MLS team; and magazines like Howler, Eight by Eight, The Blizzard, Pickles, and XI Quarterly are popping up faster than they can be read, here and across the pond.

“The Half-Time Hero” is a fun little audio piece about West Ham United fan Steve Davies who, to put it lightly, was asked to put his money where his mouth is. In 1994, after hurling a bit too much abuse at manager Harry Redknapp‘s West Ham side, Davies was told to suit up and make his way onto the field.


2. Boston Symphony Orchestra Conductor Erich Leinsdorf tells his audience John F. Kennedy has been killed
One week from today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I wasn’t around for that day, but this audio captures the emotion and surprise that rippled through America more than anything I’ve experienced before.

If you’re at work or somewhere busy do yourself a favor and save this clip for when you can listen–and appreciate–the whole thing.

3. East Village Radio (Specifically, the Guilty Pleasure show)
Who listens to radio these days, right? Apparently I do, at least since discovering East Village Radio. In a world where we all wear headphones and stare at screens, it’s nice to have a living, breathing radio station to get you through the day–a musical companion of sorts.

For the past few weeks, Fast Company editor Mac Montandon and I have been obsessed with DJ Elhaam‘s Guilty Pleasure show. Don’t miss all the weird, wonderful interviews and other great shows they stream live every day.

Oh, and check out their studio. Cool, right?

PS: If you count yourself an Arsenal supporter and live in New York City, come out for a match!


About the author

Former Editorial Assistant Miles Kohrman helped run Fast Company's homepage and completed miscellaneous tasks around the newsroom. He is a 2013 graduate of The New School.