The Connector

The Connector
[Illustration by Francesco Muzzi]

You’re constantly meeting new people–and these relationships are the foundation of your productivity.

Role model:

The Dalai Lama. Dude has met with three popes and nearly every major religious leader alive. That’s consensus building on the highest level.


Angel investor and cause marketer Susan McPherson says that when it comes to events, “Go on your own and make a bet with yourself that you’ll meet five new people.”

How to be most effective on email:

When McPherson meets someone new, she follows up over email right away. “If you wait a few weeks,” she says, “they won’t remember.” And add some value: an article, a link, an invitation, or, of course, an introduction.

Got 15 minutes to spare?

Ping someone. Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, says to use extra time in your day to send an article, make a call, shoot a text. “Taxi time is pinging time. Plane time is pinging time,” he says. “I reserve those [moments] for relational curation.”

Killer app combo:

With Evernote Hello, you can create detailed profiles for each contact, scan in info from business cards, and pull in relevant clues from emails (and Evernote) to help jog your memory when you see someone again. And you’ll love calendar app Sunrise for its social features: RSVP to Facebook events and wish your friends a happy birthday right from the app. More apps for the Connector >>

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