5 Free Apps To Help You Never Get Lost Again, Find A Cheap Room, And Much More

If you want your child to be a language wiz, need to escape for a few days (and not get lost), or have been looking for a simple way share your videos from mobile, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long that’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic (iOS and Android)

Hey, MapQuest is still around! While you’re still reacting from that statement, take the time to reacquaint yourself with a new friend: MapQuest’s new, and beautiful, app. I’ll give you directions (on foot or by car), help you work around traffic, and features voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also help you find the best gas prices for your trip.

Notegraphy (iOS)

Do you like typography? If yes, check out Notegraphy, the app that lets users create wonderfully formatted notes and share them on social media.

Airbnb (iOS and Android)

You need a vacation. But not just any vacation–a cheap one.

Airbnb can help you do that. With access to over 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities worldwide, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the perfect (and somewhat less expensive) place to stay.

So browse your heart out, or, if you’re a host, post and manage your listing.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder (iOS)

If you’ve got a kid, being bilingual won’t hurt them. In fact, it’ll do the opposite–make them a lot smarter. The Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder app (phew, that’s a long name) helps kids practice their reading skills in a fun way–and learn to speak Spanish in the process. Check out the video below for a more detailed description:

YouTube Capture (iOS)

YouTube Capture lets you create, edit, and upload videos from your mobile device straight to YouTube. No computer required.