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Intel's Holiday Pop-Up Store Sounds Like The Opposite Of Christmas

Intel is opening a series of pop-up shops around New York City in an attempt to woo holiday shoppers. But without a gift-worthy, flagship product, what's the draw?

[Image: Flickr user Robert S. Donovan]

Anyone who has ever attempted to enter an Apple store during the month of December knows the tech giant has mastered the art of crafting a retail experience that attracts holiday shoppers in droves. Intel? Not so much.

Nevertheless, Intel will open a series of pop-up shops around New York City this holiday season, starting with one in the city's Nolita neighborhood.

The stores will feature an array of Intel products and Intel tech experts on hand to assist customers, according a promotional video the company recently put out. The video says visitors will be able to buy Intel products online from inside the store, which implies you won't actually be able to walk out of the pop-up shop with a purchase in hand.

Intel certainly isn't the first non-Apple tech company to test retail locations, especially during the holiday season. Microsoft, for example, opened a huge NYC store last fall to promote its Surface RT tablets and Windows 8. (The store shut down in late January.) And Google has opened several private concierge locations for Google Glass explorers and their guests.

But without the draw of a flashy new product, it's hard to see the appeal of an Intel shop where you can't even buy the products. Perhaps that's why Intel is advertising perks like free coffee daily, free weekly movie screenings, free electronics recycling, and a lecture series to woo shoppers.

The first Intel Experience store opens November 23. All stores will stay open until January 25, 2014.