This Is How Marketers See Millennial Males

“Not only are they likely to exhibit loyalty and advocacy for the brands they like, but they also open their wallets,” says ComScore representative Justin Roy.

This Is How Marketers See Millennial Males
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Are you a male between the ages of 18 and 34? According to a recent survey, you’re every marketer’s dream.


The survey, conducted by CraveOnline media and ComScore, says “these highly sought-after group of men” drive “the highest probable purchase intent.” They are big spenders on products they believe in–and can be easily seduced by a good advertising campaign. And the really good news for advertisers? Around one in seven millennials believe that they are influential over their peers. Some key quotes from the release:

  • “Marketers must leverage the fact that millennial influencers are more aware and receptive to online advertising, especially campaigns that are funny, informative, or interactive.”
  • “Because they earn more money, they spend 2 to 5 times more on their favorite brands–making them brand advocates.”
  • “They are three times more likely to complete a follow-up action versus non-influencers.”

And what is the moral of the survey for brands? Be funny, be informative, be interactive. Be meaningful. The message may be in the mobile, it may be in the music. Build a community around a worthy cause that these millennial males believe in. Sponsor events like Coachella, E3, Comic-Con. And probably steer clear of a One Direction endorsement–that is, until either they split (citing creative differences) or they birth that “difficult” fourth album, a conceptual journey that melds the paintings of William Blake with the music of Black Sabbath.

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