Have You Ever Considered That You’re Peeing Wrong?

Okay, fellas, huddle up. You know how sometimes, when you pee in a urinal, there’s a little bit of splashback that gets on your pants? It’s cool–happens to everybody once in a while. But fear not: We live in a world full of researchers and scientists who are determined to solve every problem, and the scourge of urinal splashback is not exempt from that quest.

To that end, Brigham Young University’s “Splash Lab” has created this handy minute-long video explaining the right and wrong way to pee into a urinal, if keeping your pants free of droplets is your objective. It’s basically applied physics–the further your pee travels, the more likely it is to splash, so instead of aiming straight down, try to hit the back vertical wall of the urinal. As the video helpfully illustrates, that is much more likely to run harmlessly down than it is to bounce right back at you. Also, there is a strange Shaquille O’Neal joke at the end of the video (spoiler?), because researchers whose jobs include making instructional videos about how to pee better obviously have a weird sense of humor.

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