Most Productive People: David Robinson

Most Productive People: David Robinson
[Photo by Brent Humphreys]

David Robinson

Partner, Admiral Capital Group (overseeing $50 million worth of real estate investments), and former center for the San Antonio Spurs

“Up until retiring from basketball, I always had someone else do my scheduling for me. If I knew my guidelines, I could always fit in the training and other time I needed. But [studying at] the Naval Academy and professional basketball were very me-centric types of [things]. If I took care of what I was supposed to do, I could have high levels of success. I was trying to hide from people so I could do my job. Now, in the business world, it’s exactly the opposite–how many people can I get to work at their peak performance? So I make sure I find time to pray in the morning. It puts me in the right frame of mind to make sure my decisions are based on all those around me, as opposed to what I think or want at the moment.”

Time he gets up:

6:15 a.m.

First thing he does each morning:

“Make sure my son’s up for school, make him lunch, and get in my
prayer time.”

Apps and other assists:

“I’ve started using iThoughts to write speeches. You put something as the most central point, and from there you branch off. It’s not like sitting down and writing a bunch of pages–I just put down my triggers, and it helps organize them.”


“Do everything in the right frame of mind.”

Last thing he does each night:

“I don’t think there’s anything [I do] consistently. I try to hang with my wife. I think it keeps your relationship strong and makes you face each other each day.”