You’ll Never Guess Who Stars in Wes Anderson’s New Prada Film–Just Kidding, It’s Jason Schwartzman

Wes Anderson clearly likes to stay busy. When he’s not putting out the kinds of highly stylized movies that invite parody, he’s filming ads or being the subject of books on his career. Now, as the countdown for his next opus, The Grand Budapest Hotel continues, the idiosyncratic director has unveiled a new short film starring frequent collaborator Jason Schwartzman.

Backed by Prada, the Italy-set Castello Cavalcanti has the high-gloss sheen of a painting. Everything you see during the 7-minute runtime looks heavily art directed and elegantly precise. Schwartzman stars as a 1950s racecar driver who has accidentally crashed into his ancestral city, literally. The following chance encounter with townies allows the driver to wrap his mouth around Andersonian dialogue like, “Give me a shot of the local hooch.”

Although everyone certainly looks well put-together in the film, the Prada sponsorship is far from overt. This isn’t the first time Anderson has worked with the brand either, as he and another frequent collaborator, Roman Coppola, have done ads for the high-end clothier before.

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