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The Code War

After Massive Adobe Hack, Facebook Wants You To Change Your Weak Password

Facebook is tracking down users whose Facebook login info matches their Adobe login info.

[Image: Flickr user kev-shine]

Facebook has been contacting users it thinks may have been affected by last month's mammoth hack of Adobe.

The social network has been sifting through data to find users whose email addresses and password combos match up to those also used on Adobe. Those whose information tallies get a security email. "Recently there was a security incident on another website unrelated to Facebook," reads the email. "Facebook was not directly affected by the incident but your Facebook account is at risk because you were using the same password in both places. To secure your account, you'll need to answer a few questions and change your password. For your protection, no one can see you on Facebook until you finish."

If you're in need of some tips on how to create a better password, try these.