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London Ad Agency Creates "No Internet Week" To Look At Web Addiction

There's even a Twitter hashtag for it. Er, hang on a minute...

Today, 2.3 billion Google searches will be made, and 216 billion emails sent—but not by No Internet Week's five guinea pigs they won't.

A London ad agency called Mother created the occasion, for which it has persuaded a handful "digital natives" to switch off in a bid to examine the web world's hold on us all. They include a Mother executive, a teenager, a fashion blogger, and two media execs, one a former print magazine editor, the other an online editor.

Their views on the web are familiar—one admits to being on the web more than he would like, another feels that she is who she is because of the Internet, while a third doesn't want to miss out on anything that her friends are doing.

Yesterday was the last day of European Internet Week—not that I had noticed, these days, every day is Internet week—and so Mother thought it would turn the whole thing on its head. Fast Company did an similar project earlier this year when it documented Baratunde Thurston's switch-off of his digital life. Both projects, somewhat ironically, have hashtags.