Twitter Launches Custom Timelines For TweetDeck

Custom timelines let users control how tweets show up in their timeline by allowing them to curate tweets around a given topic or event.

Twitter Launches Custom Timelines For TweetDeck
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Twitter has added a custom timelines feature designed to give users more control over how they see tweets in their feed. Users can create and name custom timelines around a specific topic or event, and then they can choose only the most noteworthy or relevant tweets to add to the timeline.

“Whether you want to collect the best Tweets about a TV show or help people find the latest information about fast-moving real-time situations, custom timelines let you give everyone a place to follow along,” Twitter’s Brian Ellin wrote in a blog post.

Custom timelines borrow from Twitter’s Lists feature, which allows you to keep track of tweets from groups of Twitter users under lists like “Friends” or “News.” But unlike Lists, which display all tweets from everyone in that group in reverse-chronological order, custom timelines let you pick and choose only the tweets you’d like to see, a little bit like Storify and other curation tools.

Early examples of custom timelines include a Twitter Music timeline featuring songs and tweets from artists and a timeline created by Carson Daly that will act as a live companion to tonight’s episode of The Voice. Several news organizations are also using timelines to curate coverage around live events.

To create or edit a custom timeline, you’ll have to sign up for TweetDeck, the Twitter-owned dashboard app for managing your tweets and feed. Twitter says custom timelines will roll out to all TweetDeck users over the next several days.

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