See Historical Milestones As They’d Appear On Instagram

“Histagrams” is a Tumblr that depicts historical moments through the lens of Instagram in a way that sometimes seems entirely plausible.

Most moments documented on Instagram aren’t all that significant. Usually, it’s a funny sign, or a tasty meal, or that time you went to Epcot. It seems like a stretch to imagine any of the photos in your feed capturing any events that will have an impact on the future, which is why it’s fun to see the format used to illustrate watershed moments of the past.


Recently, we saw what Instagram might look like in real-life, and now Histagrams reveals what real-life might look like on the photo-sharing platform in specific moments throughout history. The new Tumblr takes the familiar interface, icons, and fonts of Instagram, and applies them to recreating everything from Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America, to President Clinton’s discovery of Monica Lewinsky.

What elevates some of the entries beyond historical congruity are the interactions supposedly spurred by each image. The one commemorating D-Day in World War II, for instance, has user PrvtRyan posting that he’s “Bout to fuck shit up w/ the guys,” and using the locator to pinpoint “Normandy” as the drop-point. Although PrvtRyan is cautioned “DO NOT POST WHERE WE R!” it’s too late. Someone named AHitler already has “liked” the post.

While some of the depictions are just silly–Lincoln would never have selfie’d before going to Ford’s Theater that fateful night–others are plausible. The creator of the Tumblr might have had astronaut Chris Hadfield’s space-selfie in mind, for instance, when he made an entry for Neil Armstrong’s monumentous moonwalk. Much like the recent revised paintings project, these images gently chide us for our modern ways by transferring them onto our forebears. Both projects suggest that previous generations weren’t less vain than we are–just that they lacked the technology to broadcast it to the world.

Have a look through some of the images in the slides above.

H/t to Pleated Jeans